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Nutrition and Metabolism - Presentation



Dr Francisca Isabel Bravo Vázquez   coordinador.doctorat.nim(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Dr Francisca Isabel Bravo Vázquez (president)   Dr Anna Arola Arnal (secretary)
Dr Lluís Arola Ferrer    Dr Rosa Solà Alberich
Dr M. Victòria Arija Val    
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Nutrition is one of the pillars of health and development, and optimal nutrition is one of the main challenges of the twenty-first century. The exponential growth of the food market and public concern about health have led to major investments in this sector by the food and biochemical industries, governments, health sectors, universities and research centres.

There is therefore an important need in our society for professionals with knowledge in the field of nutrition and metabolism, which uses modern molecular tools. The need for professionals in the field of nutrition lies in the increasing importance in society of obtaining a better quality of life through proper nutrition.

This doctoral programme focuses on providing the students with knowledge and experience of how nutrients interact with the metabolism and affect its functioning and our health, so that they can apply this knowledge in society.

In general, graduates of this doctoral programme will be able to work in the food, biotechnology and health sectors. Specifically, graduates will be able to work in the food and biochemical industries, the health sector, government organisations, organisations involved in food and health legislation, universities and research centres.

Within these areas, they may hold positions of responsibility that involve the management of research projects (research and development in the case of companies), quality control and innovation. They may also lead research related to public health, form part of consultancy firms, or enter the teaching profession.