Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Cross-curricular Training

The essential activity performed by doctoral students is research, which culminates in the defense of a doctoral thesis. However, doctoral programmes are complemented by training activites done during the doctoral period. These activities include:

The URV's doctoral Cross-curricular Training Program (CTP) meets the training requirements of the potential Doctors to acquire competences distribuited in the following blocks of:  

The need of the cross-curricular training in transferable skills is a consequence of the training improvement associated to the new doctorate programmes in the european framework. It is not only important the academic research trainig, but it is also essential to get ready as a PhD to be successful in the ever-changing job marke. The following pictures shows the skills that can be trained with the courses provided in the CTP. The picture is taken from the Eurodoc repots "Identifying Transferable Skills and Competences to Enhance Early-Career Researchers' Employability and Competitiveness".

Besides, the programme also wants to break the traditional isolation of doctoral researchers in a single research group and wants to become a meeting point for students coming from all scientifc areas. 

* You may find the updated cross-training activitives list in the web of ICE. Furthermore, the Doctoral School will inform you about other training options using your institutional e-mail.