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Nutrition and Metabolism - Training activities



The URV offers a range of cross-disciplinary training activities that doctoral students can choose to complement their scientific training.

These activities are common to all doctoral programmes. They broaden the knowledge of students, fostering generic skills and interdisciplinary relations between them.

See the cross-disciplinary training activities for the current academic year

The cross-disciplinary and specific activities for the doctoral programme of Nutrition and Metabolism are as follows: 

For the official doctoral programme in Nutrition and Metabolism (Royal Decree 99/2011), mobility involves a stay of at least 20 hours outside the URV, and preferably outside Spain, undertaking activities or research in the discipline in higher education institutions, prestigious research centres or ones with which the URV has agreements. If the stay is for three months and the host institution or institutions are in other countries, the doctoral student will be eligible for an International Doctor Mention.

Mobility involves at least attending national or international conferences, seminars, workshops or other activities in which students travel and network with other researchers of their scientific field or related ones.

More information about the mobility: Mobility