Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Bioinformatics - Assessment of doctoral students



When enrolment in the doctoral programme has been formalised, a Doctoral Activity Document (DAD) is generated for each doctoral student to enter all activities relevant to their doctoral training. Before the end of the first year, the doctoral student must also draw up a Research Plan (PlaInv) that includes at least the methodology, objectives, means and schedule for preparing their doctoral thesis.

The doctoral students will be assessed annually by the training activities that they take and the research plan that they carry out for their thesis. A favourable annual assessment is a condition for continuing in the doctoral programme.

When students have completed work on their doctoral theses, they must defend them before an examination committee, whose assessment will result in the awarding of the doctoral degree.

More information on the contents of the annual assessment in the website.

The assessment calendar is published in the website.

When the PhD candidate deposits the thesis, it can be as a monography or a conpendium of publications. In this case, there exist  PhD programme specific regulations  that must be fulfilled.