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Nanoscience, Materials and Chemical Engineering - Do we research?



This line studies the internal structure, properties and processing of materials at a basic and applied level, combining knowledge from many different areas. Its objective is to create materials with added value for applications such as optics, electronics, biomedicine and construction.

This line applies knowledge of chemistry, physics, mathematics and other basic sciences to the development of economically feasible ways to use raw materials and energy in industrial processes. It includes the design, simulation, operation, control and optimisation of these processes, so it plays a vital role in the continuous improvement of chemical products and processes. This knowledge is integrated by taking into account its ecological, social, economic and technological dimensions in order to promote sustainable development.

This line studies phenomena and materials at an atomic, molecular and macromolecular scale, at which properties differ significantly from those at a macroscopic scale. It is highly interdisciplinary, with contributions from fields of science such as chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine, electronics, computer science and mathematics.