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Nanoscience, Materials and Chemical Engineering - Introduction



Dr. Alex Fragoso   alex.fragoso(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Dr. Alex Fragoso (president)   Dr. Jordi Riu Rusell (secretary)
Dr. Francisco Medina Cabello   Dr. M. Carme Güell Saperas
Dr. Marta Giamberini   Dr. Carlos Pozo Fernández
Dr. Dieter-Thomas Boer   Dr. Jordi Pallarès Curto
Dr. Magdalena Aguiló Diaz    
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This programme aims to provide future professionals with a strong sense of innovation in specialised fields of Nanotechnology, Materials and Chemical Engineering that are especially oriented towards carrying out research in public institutions and industry.

The programme aims to build and strengthen research capacities through advanced practice in a research project that allows the students to prepare and defend a doctoral thesis based on original research.

During the period of preparation of the doctoral thesis, the programme will develop the generic competencies that are necessary for a successful career in any of the above areas.

The doctoral programme in Nanoscience, Materials and Chemical Engineering is organised and coordinated by the URV in collaboration with the following institutes and educational establishments:

Participating institutes and establishments


The doctoral degree allows students to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to work in the following areas: