Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Thesis examination panel

The thesis examination panel is the body entrusted with evaluating the thesis and, therefore, with awarding the doctoral students their final qualifications.

The panel that evaluates the doctoral thesis must consist of three full members and three substitutes, all experts in the field. At least two of the three full members must not be affiliated to the URV or the other institutions collaborating in the programme. If one of the substitutes is called in, the same proportion must be maintained.

The panel members must all be doctors and have proven research experience.

Neither the thesis supervisors nor the tutors can be members of the panel.

If a thesis is jointly supervised by two universities, the composition of the examination panel will be determined by the agreement between them. If the thesis is to be defended at the URV, the panel must consist of a majority of members who are not affiliated to the URV, the other signatory university or the other institutions collaborating in the programme. They must all be doctors with accredited research experience.

The thesis supervisors must propose the members of the panel who are to evaluate the thesis. This proposal must be approved by the academic committee and by the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School.