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Fluid Mechanics - Admission and enrolment



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The degrees qualifying students for entrance to this doctoral programme must belong to the branches of knowledge of engineering and architecture or science, with a high educational content in mathematics, physics and/or chemistry (e.g. degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Technology Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, etc.).

Depending on the subjects that students admitted to the doctoral programme have studied during their bachelor's and master's degrees, the Academic Committee will decide which bridging courses students must complete, up to a maximum of 24 credits from the bachelor's or master's degrees offered by the participating universities, with basic content in: - Mathematics differential equations, mathematical methods, numerical methods.

- Energy: combustion, heat transfer, energy sources, environmental impact.

- Fluid Mechanics: conservation equations, aerodynamics.

- Experimental techniques in sciences and engineering.

Other specific subjects to be determined by the Academic Committee

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