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Educational Technology - Admission and enrolment



See the entrance requirements for pre-enrolling for one of our doctoral programmes here.

See the general admission criteria for one of our doctoral programmes here.

Specific admission criteria of the doctoral programme

​Complementary training

Depending on the previous training, the academic committee of the doctoral program can assign a maximum of 15 credits of complementary training to ensure that students who do not adjust to the recommended admission profile have the previous competencies required in the doctoral programme. These credits will be selected amont some of the subjects of the Master's Degree in Educational Technology: E-learning and Knowledge Management (interuniversity master's degree taught by the same universities as the doctoral programme)

- Tools and Techniques for Collecting and Analyzing Data (6 ECTS)
- Design and Development of Technological Environments for Training (6 ECTS)
- Design and Viability of Technological Projects for Training (3 ECTS)

- Design and Development of Training Materials (6 ECTS)
- Professional Development for Teachers in Relation to ITC (3 ECTS)
- Communication, Interaction and Collaboration (3 ECTS)
- Design of Curricular Projects Using ICT (3 ECTS)

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