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Technologies for Nanosystems, Bioengineering and Energy - Admission and enrolment



Here you can see the access requirements and general admission criteria to pre-register to the doctoral programme.

In addition to this, check the specific admission criteria of this programme, which you will find below on this website.

Here you will find the academic calendar, the link to pre-register and which documentation you should present in PDF for pre-registration.

Specific admission criteria of the doctoral programme

Complementary training

The academic committee of the Doctoral Programme and the tutor or supervisor will study the doctoral student's CV to decide if they need to carry out bridging courses. If this is the case, the academic committee will tell the student which postgraduate subjects they need to study on the basis of the student's previous academic training. The following master's degree is related to the programme: Master's Degree in Technology and Electronic Systems. This master's degree is a source of bridging courses that are available should the doctoral student require them. Detailed information about the University Master's Degree can be found on the URV website.

See how to enrol here.