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Anthropology and Communication - Admission and enrolment



See the entrance requirements for pre-enrolling for one of our doctoral programmes here.

See the general admission criteria for one of our doctoral programmes here.

Specific admission criteria of the doctoral programme

Specific requirements 

A. A letter of presentation, stating the applicant's motivations, the adaptation of the thesis project to the research lines of the doctoral programme, and the applicant's knowledge of languages.

B. A research project oriented towards the preparation of the doctoral thesis.

C.1. Delimitation of the object of study (up to 15 lines).
C.2. Objectives and methodology (up to 15 lines).
C.3. Theoretical framework and research sources (up to 30 lines).
C.4. Structure and methodological approach (up to 30 lines).
C.5. Implementation schedule (up to 1 page).
C.6. Basic bibliography (up to 1 page).
C.7. Justification of the proposed research within the research lines of the doctoral programme (up to 10 lines).

Fifteen days prior to the deadline of the pre-registration phase, these documents should be uploaded to the document manager, in one single file, addressed to the academic coordinator of the doctoral programme.

The document will be studied by the Academic Committee, which may arrange a personal or online interview (via Skype) with the applicant.

Taking into account the documentation submitted, the Academic Committee will assess the feasibility of the proposal and, if it sees fit, propose a thesis supervisor, who must accept the proposal for the applicant to be admitted.

Merits and assessment criteria

In addition to the general entrance requirements for doctoral studies, admission will be subject to the following specific requirements:

If the number of applications exceeds the maximum number of places, they will be assessed according to the following criteria:

See how to enrol here.