Universitat Rovira i Virgili

1. Preparation of documentation

To initiate the process of depositing and defending a thesis, students must first download and complete the Thesis Defence Report (doc 1), which must be attached to the deposit application:

Doc1: Thesis defence report

This document gives the following information:

Attention: Could you not save el Doc1 in pdf format with your Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download and use the free trial version for Nitro PDF 

Subsequently, the rest of the documentation required to apply for the online deposit must be prepared:

To send and register the online application for the doctoral thesis deposit, the following documents must be attached because it will be used by the Academic Committee and the Management Committee to authorise the deposit.

All theses deposited at the URV must contain a page with the names of the thesis supervisors signed by the supervisors themselves (Agreement of the Management Committee of the Doctoral School).

IMPORTANT: For those theses with confidential content, a specific protocol must be applied for the deposit and subsequent defence.


Applying for the doctoral diploma with the International mention: Should doctoral students wish to be awarded the International doctoral mention, they must say so in Doc1 (Doctoral Thesis Report) and attach the documentary proof that they have spent the necessary time in a country other than Spain.