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City, Territory and Sustainable Planning



Dr Maria Yolanda Pérez Albert  


Dr Maria Yolanda Pérez Albert - URV (president)   Dr Arturo Frediani Sarfati - URV (secretary)
Dr Luis Javier Machuca Casares - UMA   Dr Eugenio Cejudo García - UGR
Dr María Teresa Camacho Olmedo - UGR   Dr Matías Mérida Rodríguez - UMA
Dr Maria Yolanda Pérez Albert (president)   Dr Arturo Frediani Sarfati (secretry)
Dr Benito Zaragozí Zaragozí   Dr José Ignacio Muro Morales
Dr Òscar Saladié Borras   Dr F. Javier Sigró Rodríguez
Dr Roger Miralles Jori  
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The Doctoral Programme in Cities, Territory and Sustainable Planning is a unique course in the Andalusian, Catalan, Spanish and European higher education systems because it offers intensive specialisation in territorial themes with a multidisciplinary perspective and brings together in one programme researchers from diverse ambits (geography, architecture, ecology and physics, among others). This multidisciplinary approach is essential for analysing the environment and for territorial and urban planning. 

The principal objective of the programme is to produce researchers and professionals who are equipped to work in universities and research centres, in the institutions responsible for territories and cities and in institutions with competencies regarding climate change and who can contribute new concepts, analytical tools and methods and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of territorial and city sustainability and quality of life of the population. 

Geography and architecture play a central role in territorial studies and in territorial and urban planning. Geographic analysis takes a broad and comprehensive approach to territorial planning and to the existing physical, natural, socioeconomic and cultural components that can favour territorial development. For its part, architecture, when applied to urban studies, focuses on the analysis of interrelations between the "empty" and "built-up" public spaces that make up the urban fabric. 

In the ambit of environmental studies, climate change is recognised as one of the most pressing challenges facing society and therefore presents many research opportunities in important areas such as the reconstruction, modelling and analysis of climate change and climate variability and the impacts of climate change.

The Doctoral Programme in Cities, Territory and Sustainable Planning is jointly offered by the following universities under the coordination of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili:


Individuals who successfully complete the doctoral programme will be trained and qualified to: