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Cognitive Science and Language - Introduction



Dr. Maria del Pilar Ferré Romeu   mariadelpilar.ferre(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Dr. Maria del Pilar Ferré Romeu (president)   Dr. Natàlia Català Torres (secretary)
Dr. Josep Demestre Viladevall   Dr. Marc Guasch Moix
Dr. Faustino Diéguez-Vide - UB (president)   Dr. Anna Gavarró Algueró - UAB (secretary)
Dr. Olga Fernández Prat - UAB   Dr. Manuel García-Carpintero - UB
Dr. Elisabet Tubau - UB   Dr. Maria del Pilar Ferré Romeu - URV
Dr. Natàlia Català Torres - URV   Dr. Maria Lluïsa Hernanz Carbó – UAB
Dr. Josep Denestre Viladevall - URV    
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The main aim of doctoral studies is to train students to carry out high-quality advanced research. To achieve this, the general objectives are the following:

The doctoral programme in Cognitive Science and Language is jointly organised by the following three universities: 



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Students who successfully complete the doctoral programme will be able to work in the following areas:

The interdisciplinary training offered by this doctoral degree provides its graduates with tools that allow them to become competent professionals who are sought in fields such as information technology, cultural management, publishing, public administration, journalism and other communication sciences.