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Classical Archaeology - Introduction



Dr Eva Subías Pascual   eva.subias(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Dr Eva Subías Pascual (president)   Dr Joaquín Ruiz de Arbulo Bayona (secretary)
Dr Ricardo Mar Medina   Dr Josep Maria Palet Martínez
Dr Cesar Carreras   Dr Joaquim Pera
Dr Carme Belarte   Dr Agustí Costa
Dr Roger Miralles Jori   Dr Diana Gorostidi Pi
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The main aim of the doctoral studies in Classical Archaeology is to train doctoral students in high-quality advanced research. To ensure that the doctoral thesis is prepared in accordance with current standards, the general objectives are as follows:

The doctoral programme in Classical Archaeology is coordinated by the URV and organised jointly by the following two universities:



Other institutions


Students who successfully complete the doctoral programme will be able to work in the following areas:

It is also possible to take an industrial doctorate: the industrial doctoral degree in Tourism, Heritage Communication and Cultural Asset Management