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Health, Psychology and Psychiatry - Introduction



Dr. M. Teresa Colomina   mariateresa.colomina(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Dr. M. Teresa Colomina (president)   Dr. Urbano Lorenzo Seva (secretary)
Dr. Lourdes Martorell Bonet   Dr. Manel Santafé Martínez
Dr. Maria Mercedes Gómez Arnaiz   Dr. Fernando Sánchez-Santed (Universidad de Almería)
Dr. Jordi Miro Martínez    
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The doctoral programme in Health, Psychology and Psychiatry brings together various disciplines in order to provide a broad overview of the basic and applied processes in psychology, psychiatry and health sciences. The aim is to encourage exchanges and convergence between disciplines for a better understanding of the problems faced. Another aim is to promote a network of multidisciplinary scientific contacts that will contribute to the professional development of our graduates.

The main objective of the programme is to offer a multidisciplinary framework to favour the training of doctoral students in various fields of health, psychology and psychiatry. The students are trained to raise and solve problems methodically and efficiently and to communicate their knowledge in international scientific symposia and to the general public. They will be able to transfer their scientific knowledge to society and apply it in their work.

The programme focuses on health in general and mental health in particular, bringing together specialists in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, health sciences, neuroscience, neuroendocrinology, neurotoxicology, psychopharmacology and neurorehabilitation.

The doctoral programme in Health, Psychology and Psychiatry is organised and coordinated by the URV in collaboration with the following university:

Parcipating universities:


Students who successfully complete the doctoral programme will be able to work in the following positions: