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Law - Introduction



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Dr Antonio Maria Jordà Fernández   (president)   Dr Endrius Eliseo Cocciolo (secretary)
Dr Susana Borrás Pentinat   Dr Maria del Carmen Gómez Buendía
Dr Anna Giménez Costa   Dr Núria Torres Rosell 
Dr Eva Zafra Aparici    
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The URV's official doctoral programme in Law, verified by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU), has trained dozens of doctors in all legal areas.

The fundamental aim is to allow students to obtain the highest university qualification, the doctoral degree, by preparing a thesis on any area of law, and especially on business law and contracting, environmental law, administrative law and criminal justice, in all of which the URV offers an official master's degree.

Doctors in Law have better opportunities to access a wide range of jobs because they have proven their ability to identify and competently resolve any type of legal problem.

In addition, several types of public competition for Spanish civil service positions value a doctoral degree as a merit: for example, the doctoral degree is recognised as a merit for the fourth and fifth positions in the selection of Spanish senior judges.

The doctoral degree also demonstrates the knowledge necessary to work in the private and public sector in the following areas: technical and legal advice; mediation, conciliation and arbitration; resolving disputes out of court; and specialised teaching and research in universities and other research centres.