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Chemical Science and Technology - Research lines


Research lines Supervisors

- Redox catalysis using transition metal complexes

Dr. Antoni Llobet(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Carolina Gimbert(ELIMINAR)   - CV

Research lines Supervisors

- Development of analytical methods for determining organic pollutants

- Synthesis of new sorbents for extraction processes

- Capillary electrophoresis

Dr. (ELIMINAR)Carmen Aguilar(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Rosa María Marcè(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. Marta Calull(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. (ELIMINAR)Francesc Borrull(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Eva Pocurull(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors

- Application of computational methods to the study of transition metal systems

- Study of metallocarbohedrenes, metallofullerenes, polyoxoanions and polyoxometallates

Dr. Carles Bo(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Computational study of cross-coupling reactions
- Computational study of enantioselective catalysis
Dr. Feliu Maseras(ELIMINAR)   - CV

- Ab initio study of reactions on heterogeneous catalysts
- Structure of metal oxides

Dr. Núria López(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Research lines Supervisors

- Use of new technologies (microwaves, ultrasounds) to prepare and modify catalysts
- Catalytic applications of industrial environmental interest: glycerin revalorization and biomass valorization processes

Dr. Pilar Salagre(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Yolanda Cesteros(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors
- Molecular materials
- Energy
Dr. José R. Galán-Mascarós(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors

- Selective ethylene conversion. Catalysis and mechanism
- Formation of C-C bonds using hypervalent iodine compounds

Dr. Alexandr Shafir(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors

- New methods of oxidative amination

Dr. Kilian Muñiz(ELIMINAR)   - CV

- New powerful catalysts for efficient CO2 conversion
- Use of renewable bio-materials in homogeneous catalysis

Dr. Arjan Kleij(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors
- Homogeneous catalysis in non-conventional media Dr. Anna María Masdéu(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Asymmetric catalysis using transition metals Dr. Carmen Claver(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Cyril Godard(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Aurora Ruiz(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Organoborate catalytic chemistry

Dr. Elena Fernández(ELIMINAR)   - CV

- Design of modular ligand libraries for asymmetric catalysis Dr. Montserrat Diéguez(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Óscar Pàmies(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors
- Rational design of heterogeneous catalytic processes Dr. Atsushi Urakawa(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- New processes of asymmetric catalytic transformations
- Photo Organocatalysis
Dr. Paolo Melchiorre(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Activation of inert bonds Dr. Rubén Martín(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors

- Study of optically and electrochemically active molecules
- Application in molecular photovoltaic devices
- Molecular solar cells

Dr. Emilio Palomares(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors
- Sustainable polymers
- Synthesis of polybenzoxazines
Dr. Virginia Cádiz(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Marina Galià(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Gerard Lligadas(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Juan Carlos Ronda(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Modified thermostable materials Dr. Àngels Serra(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Liquid crystal polymers Dr. José Antonio Reina(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors
- Development of qualimetric methodologies applied to multivariate data Dr. Marisol Larrechi(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Pilar Callao(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Itziar Ruisánchez(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Development of analytical methods based on data of various orders Dr. Joan Ferré Baldrich(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Ricard Boqué Martí(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Marisol Larrechi(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Pilar Callao(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Itziar Ruisánchez(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors
- Magnetism in molecular and solid materials Dr. Coen de Graaf(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Rosa Caballol(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Xavier López(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Transition metal clusters and homogeneous catalysis Dr. Josep Maria Poblet(ELIMINAR)   - CV 
Dr. Jordi Carbó(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Antoni Rodríguez(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Xavier López(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Chemisorption and heterogeneous catalysis Dr. Anna Clotet(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Josep Manel Ricart(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Mechanisms of photochemical reactions Dr. Mar Reguero(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors
- Covalent anchorage of ligands and catalysts on polymers and nanoparticles

Dr. Miquel Àngel Pericàs(ELIMINAR)   - CV

- Development of metallic functional nanoparticles for various applications Dr. Miquel Àngel Pericàs(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Development of flow mechanisms for the continuous production of enantiopure materials using catalytic processes Dr. Miquel Àngel Pericàs(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Carles Rodríguez(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Maria Sonia Sayalero Sanz (ELIMINAR)

- Catalysis of chemical processes
- Supramolecular Chemistry

Dr. Anton Vidal(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Research lines Supervisors

- Glycolipids synthesis
- Synthesis of enzymatic inhibitors
- Asymmetric catalysis

Dr. Sergio Castillón(ELIMINAR)   - CV 
Dr. Maria Isabel Matheu(ELIMINAR)  - CV  
Dr. Yolanda Diaz(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. Omar Boutureira(ELIMINAR)  - CV

Research lines Supervisors
- Molecular self-assembly
- Molecular containers
- Study and experimental quantification of intermolecular interactions
Dr. Pau Ballester(ELIMINAR)  - CV 
Research lines Supervisors
- Invention of new reactions catalyzed by transition metals, as gold and palladium
- Synthesis of natural products and polyarenes related to graphene and fullerenes
Dr. Antonio M. Echavarren(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Organic transformations using phtoredox catalysts and transition metals Dr. Julio Lloret Fillol(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- Development of new technologies based on bimetallic interactions
- Activation and functionalization of inert bonds by using transition metal complexes
Dr. Mónica H. Pérez-Temprano(ELIMINAR)   - CV
- New strategies to functionalize C-H bonds. Application to enantioselective catalysis
- Development of new concepts in photoredox catalysis
Dr. Marcos Garcia Suero(ELIMINAR)  - CV