Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Supervision and evaluation of doctoral students

The work carried out by doctoral students during the process of writing their doctoral thesis will be evaluated every year by means of the Research Plan and the Document of Doctoral Activities

The Research Plan (PlaInv) defines the objectives, tools and methodology, schedule and any other means students use to produce their doctoral thesis. In this document, in the first year, students should include the following information:

This plan is required for first-year students and is going to be updated at any time during the doctoral programme with any improvements, progress and/or modifications deemed to be necessary.

The Document of Doctoral Activities (DAD) is a record of all the relevant activities carried out during the doctoral thesis. For example:

The evaluation must be positive if students are to be allowed to continue on the doctoral programme and enrol for the next academic year

When the period for modifying the DAD and the Research Plan is over, the process of evaluation will begin:

  1. The supervisor/s will issue a favourable or unfavourable report on the content added by the doctoral student.
  2. On the basis of the report issued by the thesis supervisor, the Academic Committee will evaluate the work by giving one of two possible qualifications: pass or fail.
  3. Finally, the School's Management Committee will ratify the result of the evaluation issued by the Academic Committee.