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The Nutrigenomics research group, recognised by the Generalitat of Catalonia as a consolidated research group, studies the interaction of non-nutrients with the metabolism and their regulation using methodological approaches characteristic of biochemistry and molecular biology, in addition to omic technologies. The main areas of interest are the metabolic disturbances caused by obesity and phenolic compounds.

Research lines Supervisors

- Nutrigenòmica i síndrome metabòlica

Luis Maria Arola (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Maria Josepa Salvadó (ELIMINAR)(URV)   - CV
Maria Begoña Muguerza (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Anna Arola Arnal (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Manuel Suarez (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Gerard Aragonès (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Francisca Isabel Bravo (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Miguel Mulero (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Helena Torrell Galceran (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Xavier Escote Miró (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV


Noemí Boqué Terré (UNAV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Núria Canela Canela (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Cristina Torres Fuentes (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Laura Baselga Escudero (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Pol Herrero Gil
Francisco Javier Ávila Román(ELIMINAR) - CV
Merce Rovira Cambra - CV

- Management and transfer of scientific knowledge in nutrition and metabolism Maria Teresa Novo (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV

This group currently studies the interaction of flavonoids with the entero-endocrine system (as regulators of glucose homoeostasis, and also in terms of their effects on food intake), and the ability of these compounds to maintain the integrity of the intestinal barrier and/or act as anti-inflammatory agents in the gastrointestinal tract.

Research lines Supervisors

- Procyanidins and the metabolic syndrome

Ana Maria Ardèvol (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Montserrat Pinent (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Mayte Blay (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Ximena Terra (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Raúl Beltrán Debón(ELIMINAR) - CV

The Cheminformatics and Nutrition research group uses computational drug design tools (such as the development of virtual screening, protein-ligand docking methods, pharmacophores, etc.) applied to databases of natural products to find new bioactive ingredients. In the group we combine a computational part (in silico) with an experimental part (in vitro and in vivo), which allow us to find new bioactive compounds and demonstrate the predicted activities.

Research lines Supervisors

- Design of functional foods

Gerard Pujadas (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Santiago Garcia (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV

- Management and transfer of scientific knowledge in nutrition and metabolism
- Design of functional foods

Cristina Valls (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV

The research of this Nutrition and Health research group group focuses on the validation of the beneficial health effects of bioactive ingredients of natural origin and their mechanism of action through in vitro and in vivo models, human intervention studies, and the use of omic technologies and bioinformatics tools.

Research lines Supervisors

- Nutrigenomics and the metabolic syndrome


Anna Crescenti (CTNS)(ELIMINAR) 
Antoni Caimari (CTNS) (ELIMINAR)
José Ma Del Bas (CTNS)(ELIMINAR) 

The Nutrition and Mental Health research group has experience with epidemiology of diseases related to nutrition and health in populations, nutritional status during pregnancy and neurobehavioural development of the child, and community intervention programmes in nutrition education and health.

Research lines Supervisors

- Dietary, genetic and environmental factors in relation to the nutritional state
- Nutrition and psychological and behavioural aspects in the population
- Dietary patterns of the population in relation to health and disease

Josefa Canals (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Maria Victoria Arija (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Núria Aranda (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Mònica Tous Márquez(ELIMINAR) - CV
Núria Tous Closa(ELIMINAR) - CV

The Research Unit on Lipids and Atherosclerosis (URLA) has studied the lipid metabolism, the mechanisms involved in atherosclerosis, its clinical manifestations (cardiovascular diseases) and its risk factors in general. Because the Unit has been a member of CIBERDEM (ISCIII) since 2008, diabetes is of special importance. Its mission is to conduct basic research in the field of biomedicine at a level of international excellence in order to improve the care of patients who have atherosclerosis or are at risk of developing it.

Research lines Supervisors

- Nutrition and lipids metabolism:

1. Nutrition and arteriosclerosis interaction: causes, effects and consequences
2. Molecular bases of lipids metabolism alterations

Rosa Maria Solà (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Úrsula Catalán Santos(ELIMINAR) - CV


Ana Moragas Moreno(ELIMINAR) - CV 
Luis Masana (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Carles Llor Vila(ELIMINAR)

Nutrition, Growth and Mental Health research group is concentrated on: the epidemiological study of nutritional status and diet-related diseases, especially obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Controlled intervention studies to determine the effect of diet and nutrients on the metabolism. The relationship between obesity and its comorbidities and inflammation.

Multi-centre intervention studies with the Mediterranean diet to assess its effect on cardiovascular disease in primary prevention and on other chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, etc.) or intermediate markers, systemic inflammation or oxidation processes. The relationship between nutritional status before and during pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes and newborn health, especially with regard to aspects of gene regulation. Genetic and nutritional regulation of homocysteine ​​levels and health consequences.

Research lines Supervisors

- Effect of the Mediterranean diet on primary cardiovascular prevention
- Diet and cardiovascular risk factors
- Diet in the prevention of chronic diseases

Jorge Salas (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Mònica Bulló (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Nancy Elvira Babio (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Nerea Becerra Tomás (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV


Joan Domènech Fernández (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV 
Michelle Murphy (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV

Research lines Supervisor
- Metabolomics and Systems Biology


Dr. Oscar Yanes(ELIMINAR) - CV