Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Technologies for Nanosystems, Bioengineering and Energy - Research lines


Research lines Supervisors

Micro- and nanosystems for chemical and biological detection

Design, construction and characterisation of chemical microsystems, especially arrays of gas sensors, microconcentrators and microreactors based on nanomaterials.

Dr. Eduard Llobet (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Xavier Vilanova (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. José Luís Ramírez (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Atsushi Urakawa (ICIQ)(ELIMINAR)
Dr. Alfonso José Romero Nevado (ELIMINAR)- CV


Dr. Christhian Manuel Duran Acevedo (UDP)
Dr. José Santiago Torrecilla Velasco (UCM)
Dr. Radu Ionescu

Research lines Supervisors

Signal processing in metabolomics (SIPOMICS)

Development of processing algorithms and expert system techniques for the treatment of proteomic and metabolomic bio-signals obtained from mass spectrometry systems or nuclear magnetic resonance.

Dr. Xavier Correig (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Nicolau Cañellas (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Jesús Brezmes (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dra. Noelia Ramírez (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dra. Núria Amigó Grau(ELIMINAR)


Dr. Alexandre Perera i Lluna (UPC)

Research lines Supervisors

Photonic devices based on porous micro- and nanostructures and organic materials

Development of technologies for the manufacture of silicon- and aluminium oxide-based nanoporous materials obtained by electrochemical etching. Application of porous materials in organic nanostructured solar cells. Applications of materials to biotechnology for cell growth, drug administration and biochemical sensing.

Dr. Lluis Marsal (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. Josep Pallarès (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. Josep Ferré (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. Roger Cabré (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. Emilio J. Palomares (ICIQ)(ELIMINAR)
Dr. Elisabet Xifré Pérez(ELIMINAR) - CV

Modelling of nanoelectronic and photonic devices

Development of compact physical models of electronic devices at the nanoscale. Modelling of light-matter interaction in nanostructured materials.

Dr. Benjamí Iñiguez (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. François Lime (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. Alexander Gunter (THM)(ELIMINAR)


Dr. Domènec Savi Puig Valls (URV)

High frequency electronic and comunication systems 

Development of high-frequency electronic systems for wireless applications

Dr. Antonio Lázaro (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. David Girbau (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. Ramon Villarino (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV

Research line:  Power electronics,  Electrònica de potència, energy conversion and control engineering


Renewable energies

Development of power control systems in applications of solar and wind energy and efficient lighting

Dr. Luis Martínez (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Hugo Valderrama (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. José Antonio Barrado (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Francisco González (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV


Dr. Beatriz Pico González (UPAEP)

Management and distribution of electrical energy in cars

Power and energy control applications in various electric car systems

Dr. Enric Vidal (URV) (ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Luis Guasch (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Angel Cid (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Francisco J Calvente (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Roberto Giral (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Carlos Olalla (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV

Control and non-linear dynamics of converters

Study of control algorithms and dynamics of power converters

Dr. Abdelali El Aroudi (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Pedro Garcés (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Enrique Cantó (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Ramon Leyva (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV
Dr. Enric Vidal Idiarte (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV

Architectures for management and distribution of electricity

Development and management of advanced power distribution networks

Dr. Francisco J Calvente (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Roberto Giral (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Carlos Olalla (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV

Characterization of dielectrics and design of electric drives


Dr. Marc Marin Genescà (URV)(ELIMINAR)   - CV
Dr. Jordi Garcia Amorós (URV)(ELIMINAR)  - CV