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Law - Admission and enrolment


See the entrance requirements for pre-enrolling for one of our doctoral programmes here.

See the general admission criteria for one of our doctoral programmes here.

Specific admission criteria of the doctoral programme

Students applying for admission must present a detailed Thesis Project; the topic of the Project must be aligned with the research lines of the doctoral programme: it will be taken into account the approval of the Thesis Project by one of the doctoral programme professors in the chosen research line.

The Thesis Project must include:

  1. The study topic determination (at most 15 lines)
  2. Objectives, draft of the work and methodology (at most 20 lines)
  3. Theoretical framework and research sources (at most 30 lines)
  4. Work calendar (at most 1/2 sheet)
  5. Bibliography (at most 2 sheets)
  6. Proof of the adequacy of the proposed research in the research lines of the doctoral programme (at most 10 lines)

The applicant will also have to include the academic transcript of the studies that allow the access into the doctoral programme.

The Academic Committee of the doctoral programme will assess the documents and, occasionally, will arrange a meeting with the applicant.

The Academic Committee, after the documents assessment, will evaluate the viability of the Project. If it is accepted, the committee will propose a doctoral supervisor, who will coincide with the professor who gave his/her approval to the Thesis Project, if that is the case.

If the number of applicants is larger than the offered places, the applicants will be ranked with the following crieria:

See how to enrol here.