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Biomedicine - Introduction


Dr Francesc Xavier Sureda Batlle   francesc.sureda(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Dr Francesc Xavier Sureda Batlle (president)   Dr Marçal Salvadó Artells (secretary)
Dr Antonio Castro Salomó   Dr Jorge Salas Salvadó
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The objective of the doctoral programme in Biomedicine is to train future health sector professionals to be aware of the fundamental role of research and the scientific method in their future work, whether or not they choose research as a career. A good research training allows graduates to solve problems logically and systematically and provides opportunities for lifelong learning. The doctoral programme ensures that the students acquire the knowledge and technical skills for research, that they understand the mechanisms and procedures for managing research, and that they are able to apply these procedures reliably in their professional practice.

Disciplines related to health care and public health: