Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Professionalization of doctoral supervision

At the URV thesis supervision is being progressively enriched and improved within the framework of a project aimed at professionalising doctoral supervision that was set up in 2013.

The aim of the project is to promote an open, honest and professional relationship between the doctoral student and the thesis supervisor. This relationship is reflected in the satisfaction of both the student and the supervisor and, especially, in an improvement of the research results offered as scientific advances to society in accordance with the University's mission.

Since the beginning of the project, several training workshops have led to an increase in the number of thesis supervisors who are highly aware and qualified. The annual programme of workshops has strengthened our training project, positioning the URV as a leader in professionalisation of thesis supervisors, both at the University and at other Spanish and Latin American universities.

Team of trainers for the professionalization of the doctorate

One of the activities of the URV's Postgraduate and Doctorate School (EPD) has been to train a group of 4 teachers to provide this project with experts: the group of trainers for the professionalization of the doctorate (GFPD). This group is made up of doctors Joan Josep Carvajal and María del Mar Reguero from the Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, and Ercilia García and Mireia Valverde from the Department of Business Management.

Dr Carvajal Dra Garcia Dra Reguero Dra Valverde
Dr Joan Carvajal Dr Ercilia Garcia Dr Mar Reguero Dr Mireia Valverde

Under the order of the EPD, the GFPD has designed training activities for the professionalization of the doctorate at the URV, which they teach to the doctorate supervisors. The impact of the results obtained has made the teaching proposal be requested by other universities and academic organizations of higher education, both national and international. The achievement and outsourcing allow us to integrate into the network of leading experts in the professionalization of the doctorate and thus positioning us as an example of good practice that the URV disseminates in international doctoral training forums.