Universitat Rovira i Virgili

ITEM - Technological Innovations in the measure of latent aspects


This line covers two areas:

  1. Developing techniques and methods in the field of psychometric analysis.
  2. Applying techniques developed in specific areas.

As a link between the more theoretical activity and the more applied activity of the line, computer tools are developed that allow the techniques and methods of analysis to be used in applied contexts.

This research line focuses on the following aspects:

  1. Evolution of various personality variables throughout life, especially aggression, impulsivity and the "big five" personality traits.
  2. Evaluation of psychosocial maturity of adolescents and young people, and identification of factors that contribute to maturation.
  3. Study of the value structure ​​and virtues in the Spanish population in comparison with other countries.

This line is developed through the area of ​​social psychology: