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Classical Archaeology - Research lines



Classical archaeology focuses on historical research into the ancient world based on the study of material culture, art forms, settlements and occupation of the landscape, architecture and urban phenomena, and textual, numismatic and epigraphic sources using paleoenvironmental and analytical science and new information and communications technology.

Provisionally, the doctoral degree in Classical Archaeology also includes the doctoral research lines of the URV's School of Architecture.

The lecturers of this doctoral degree also form part of the inter-university research group "Mirades sobre la Mediterrània a l'Antiguitat. D'Orient a Occident, de la Protohistòria a l'Antiguitat Tardana. Grup interuniversitari d'Arqueologia Clàssica" . 2014 SGR 1197. MIRMED-GIAC (URV/UAB/ICAC).