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Erasmus Mundus on the Quaternary and Prehistory - Training activities


Cross-disciplinary training activities

The URV offers a range of cross-disciplinary training activities that doctoral students can choose to complement their scientific training.

These activities are common to all doctoral programmes. They broaden the knowledge of students, fostering generic skills and interdisciplinary relations between them.

See the cross-disciplinary training activities for the current academic year

Specific training activities

In addition to the cross-disciplinary training activities, the doctoral programme includes a series of specific training activities (some optional and some compulsory).

The specific activities for the Erasmus Mundus doctoral programme on the Quaternary and Prehistory are as follows:

Mobility and scientific exchange activities

Mobility adds value to the doctoral training, so it is compulsory for the Erasmus Mundus doctoral programme on the Quaternary and Prehistory. Research stays can be carried out at the following universities and institutions:

More information about the mobility: Mobility