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Chemical Science and Technology - Research lines


Research lines  

Chromatographic and radiochemical techniques applied to environmental analysis

Dr. (ELIMINAR)Carme Aguilar (ELIMINAR)
Dr. Rosa Maria Marcé(ELIMINAR) 
Dr. Marta Calull(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Francesc Borrull(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Eva Pocurull(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Núria Fontanals(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Rosa Maria Ras, EURECAT,Reus, Spain
Catalytic materials and applications in green chemistry Supervisors
Dr. Pilar Salagre(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Yolanda Cesteros(ELIMINAR)  
Catalytic innovations for the sustainable production of energy, drugs and other high-value chemicals Supervisors
Dr. Anna Maria Masdéu(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Carmen Claver(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Cyril Godard(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Aurora Ruiz(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Montserrat Diéguez(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Òscar Pàmies(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Bruno Chaudret
Dr. Ali Aghmiz, Université Abdelmalek Essaadi, Tétouan, Marocco
Dr. Jorge Sánchez, IFF, Benicarló , Spain
Catalytic organoboron chemistry Supervisors
Dr. Elena Fernández(ELIMINAR)  
Andrés Trabanco, Janssen Research & Development, Toledo, Spain
Ana Belén Cuenca, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain
Polymer synthesis, characterization and applications Supervisors
Dr. Virginia Cádiz(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Marina Galià(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Gerard Lligadas(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Juan Carlos Ronda(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Àngels Serra(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. José Antonio Reina(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Xavier Ramis, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona,Spain
Theoretical and applied Chemometrics Supervisors
Dr. Joan Ferré (ELIMINAR)
Dr. Ricard Boqué (ELIMINAR)
Dr. Marisol Larrechi(ELIMINAR)   
Dr. Pilar Callao(ELIMINAR)   
Dr. Itziar Ruisánchez(ELIMINAR)   
Computational chemistry applied to excited state reactivity and other light-induced phenomena Supervisors
Dr. Coen de Graaf(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Rosa Caballol(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Xavier López(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Mar Reguero(ELIMINAR)  

Computational chemistry applied to nanostructures and materials for catalysis and sustainable processes

Dr. Josep Maria Poblet(ELIMINAR)    
Dr. Jordi Carbó(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Antonio Rodríguez-Fortea(ELIMINAR)   
Dr. Xavier López(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Anna Clotet(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Josep Manel Ricart(ELIMINAR)  
Design and synthesis of carbohydrates and lipids of biological interest Supervisors
Dr. Sergio Castillón(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Maria Isabel Matheu(ELIMINAR)    
Dr. Yolanda Diaz(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Omar Boutureira(ELIMINAR)  
Research lines  

Redox catalysis in artificial photosynthesis

Dr. Antoni Llobet  (ELIMINAR)
Dr. Carolina Gimbert (ELIMINAR)
In-silico studies of nanoscale systems in solution for properties and processes optimization Supervisors
Dr. Carles Bo(ELIMINAR) 
Application of computational treatments to the study of reaction mechanisms in homogeneous catalysis Supervisors
Dr. Feliu Maseras(ELIMINAR) 
Simulations in materials for catalysis and energy Supervisors
Dr. Núria López(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Rodrigo García Muelas,ICIQ
Molecule-based chemistry for the development of smart multifunctional materials for Energy applications Supervisors
Dr. José R. Galán-Mascarós(ELIMINAR)  

Oxidative catalytic amination reactions

Dr. Kilian Muñiz  (ELIMINAR)

Asymmetric synthesis of fine chemicals using CO2 based synthons

Dr. Arjan Kleij(ELIMINAR)  
Rational design of catalytic materials and processes aided by in situ/operando spectroscopy Supervisors
Dr. Atsushi Urakawa(ELIMINAR)  
Enantioselective organocatalysis and photochemistry Supervisors
Dr. Paolo Melchiorre(ELIMINAR)  
Metal-catalyzed activation of C-O bonds and CO2 fixation into organic matter Supervisors
Dr. Rubén Martín(ELIMINAR)  
Optoelectronic devices and semiconductor materials with luminescence properties for nanobiosensors Supervisors
Dr. Emilio Palomares(ELIMINAR)  
Merging catalyst immobilization and continuous flow operation for chemical processes with improved sustainability Supervisors
Dr. Miquel Àngel Pericàs(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Sonia Sayalero, ICIQ
Dr. Carles Rodríguez, ICIQ
Dr. Helmut Buschmann, RWTH Aachen University, Alemanya
Modularity and distal regulation in catalytic systems for efficient stereoselective syntheses Supervisors
Dr. Anton Vidal(ELIMINAR)  
Molecular self-assembly for the construction of complex and functional architectures Supervisors
Dr. Pau Ballester(ELIMINAR)  
Dr. Stefanie Eiden, Covestro Deutschland AG, Leverkusen, Germany
Bioinspired metal catalysis Supervisors
Dr. Antonio M. Echavarren(ELIMINAR) 

Photo- and electro-chemical transformations of strong bonds mediated by transition metal catalysis

Dr. Julio Lloret-Fillol(ELIMINAR) 
Dr. Alicia Casitas, Universitat de Girona
Dr. Josep Maria Luis, Univesitat de Girona
Cobalt-catalyzed C-H functionalization and related processes Supervisors
Dr. Mónica H. Pérez-Temprano(ELIMINAR)  
New carbon reactivity rules with metal and photoredox catalysis Supervisors
Dr. Marcos García-Suero(ELIMINAR) 
Formation of C-C bonds using hypervalent iodine compounds Supervisors
Dr. Alexandr Shafir(ELIMINAR)  
Ultrafast spectroscopic investigation of chromophore-protein systems Supervisors
Dr. Elisabet Romero(ELIMINAR)  

Other collaborations