Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Chemical Science and Technology - Admission and enrolment


See the entrance requirements for pre-enrolling for one of our doctoral programmes here.

See the general admission criteria for one of our doctoral programmes here.

In addition to the general entrance requirements for doctoral studies, admission will be subject to the following specific assessment criteria:

The Academic Committee for admission to the doctoral degree may establish additional mechanisms to the presentation of an acreditation of language proficiency, such as interviews and level tests.

Therefore, together with the application for enrolment in the doctoral degree, all applicants must submit, in addition to the academic record of the bachelor's and master's degree and a curriculum vitae, the acreditation of knowledge of English.

Bridging courses will be assigned ad hoc depending on the individual circumstances. Bridging courses cannot be established a priori for all possible situations. Given the various specialisations of the various groups, students may lack specific knowledge regarding the area of research in which they are going to study. Students who have completed one of the URV's official master's degrees in the ambit of Chemistry and which involve the same teachers and research groups should not need to complete any bridging courses.

See how to enrol here.