Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Digitals services

All students of the URV can use the services provided by the University as soon as they have enrolled. Once the enrolment process has been completed, and within 24 hours, you will be able to access all the personalised digital services (intranet, email, Virtual Campus, electronic journals, wireless network, etc.) in accordance with the URV's regulations governing the use of the information and communication technologies (ICT).

To be able to access all the digital services, you must first access the intranet where you will have to identify yourself. Each student has a unique user name and a password.

Access for new students

Your user name is your NIF/NIE/Passport

Example. 11111111-A

The initial password is your date of birth in the following format: DD-MMM-AA

Example. 02-MAI-96. The month (MMM) is the first three letters of the month in Catalan. The options are: GEN, FEB, MAR, ABR, MAI, JUN, JUL, AGO, SET, OCT, NOV, DES.

Changing the password

Once you have accessed the intranet, and if you wish to do so, you can change your password. If you cannot access intranet or you do not remember the password, click on the link that you will find at the beginning of the intranet validation.

All students have an institutional email address in the following format: name.surname1(ELIMINAR)@estudiants.urv.cat (unless there are repetitions). You will be sent all the institutional information to this address. All communication between the administration of the URV and the students must be done via email if possible.

To enter you must follow this path:

  1. Access the Intranet - Network Services  
  2. E-mail

To validate your personal details, click on the following link: https://virtual.urv.cat

The email address assigned to your user name is an institutional one and you cannot change it for a private address. All institutional information will be sent to you at this address.

You can also configure your account in your personal computer and mobile to receive your institutional mail.

The URV's virtual learning environment (Moodle) is an online workspace that supports teaching. To access Moodle, URV users must use their user name and the institutional password to access the University's network services.

To access go to the URL: http://moodle.urv.cat 

Once you have accessed Moodle, you will be able to enter the virtual classroom of all the subjects for which you have enrolled and the electronic tutorials, which are a space for working and meeting your degree tutor.

During the year, any change in your personal or enrolment details, will be reflected in the VLE in the 48 hours following the change.

Some spaces are labelled as "unavailable to students" when you try to access because the lecturers limit their availability.